Monday, March 1, 2010


This is my good friend Grace.  We get together a few times each winter to do puzzles and play games.  Her name suits her so well. She is wise, even tempered and easy to get along with.  She never complains or has a negative word to say about others.  Grace and her husband have recently helped his daughter and son-in-law buy a bed and breakfast and they will likely be selling their house here and moving 3 hours away.  I already miss her.

Tori gave Grace and I this puzzle Christmas 2008.  Because Grace was sick for a while and then involved in setting up the bed and breakfast it took us longer than usual to finish it.  It was difficult because of the limited colour palette.  But here it is finally.  Thanks Tori.


Cherylinn said...

How many pieces was the puzzle...The green mat you have it sitting on, is that so you can roll it up when you are not working on the puzzle and do they actually work?

Lauras Garden said...

It is a 1000 piece puzzle. I have had that puzzle mat for many years. It is convenient because I can get it off the table when needed - extra great when it takes months to get together with Grace. If I know I can finish it quickly I prefer to do it on the table because the pieces stick to the felt. They have wooden puzzle holders now that have drawers to sort pieces below but I have nowhere to put something that big.

Fiddling Granny said...

Grace moving away will be sad ... hopefully it wont be for a while.