Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cornwall, ON to Woodstock, NB

We have driven this highway many times because we lived near Fredericton. However, most of our trips were high speed, single day drives.  We would get up at 4, get the kids in the car and drive 16 hours to our hometown, stopping only for gas, meals and bathroom breaks.  We rarely stopped and did touristy things.  Today we detoured to Grand Falls.  It is the biggest waterfalls east of Niagara Falls.  The water certainly did rage and roll but it is not much of a drop.

Next we took a side trip to Perth/Andover.  Much of the low lying parts of the town flooded a month ago.  We didn't see much damage to homes and businesses, just occasional piles of debris, but look at what the ice jam did to the guard rails!

You may remember that I have mixed feelings about GPSs.  They are occasionally very useful but definitely don't replace a map and a sense of direction.  Below you can see that I am capable of driving on water.  I am thinking of giving classes and teaching this useful skill to others.

We're on a Road Trip!

We just bought my Dad's Santa Fe and that left us with an extra vehicle.  The Escape is a 2003 with about 260,000 km but hopefully has a little life left in her.  If we kept it in our driveway when Connor gets his licence in a few months he would be considered the driver.  There is no way I am paying for a new almost 17 year old driver so we offered the vehicle to Tori.  She jumped at the chance after 3 years of being without a car at university.  And I was in the best position to accompany her back to Mount Alison where she will be working for the summer.  In October I drove from the West Coast to home with Caitlin, now I get to go to the east coast with Tori.  In 6 months and 2 days I will have seen both coasts of our incredible country.  That's a lot of miles for someone who rarely leaves town.

Observations from day one of our eastern adventure.
1.  I am very glad I do not live in Toronto.  I am very glad that my parents moved from there 43 years ago.
2.  I am very glad I do not live in Kingston.  We met friends there for lunch today.  There are way too many stop lights in Kingston.  They are not co-ordinated.  We had to stop at 9 out of 10.  That is not right.  And to make matters even worse, almost all of the traffic lights are at the top of hills.  The Escape is standard.  I hate stopping on a hill in heavy traffic.

We are in a motel in Cornwall which is virtually empty.  We went to the fitness room (has anyone ever been to a fitness room with operational equipment?) and the pool.  We ate supper in our room from our cooler.  Tori is a vegan so we had tuna and chickpea salad and granola bars.

On to Montreal.  I can hardly wait.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tori wanted a picture of herself with as many of our pets as she could.  Pets are not very co operative models so this is the best we could do.  In the aquarium is Connor's biggest goldfish and under that is a weather loach (it looks like an eel).  On her right shoulder you can see the noses of two of Caitlin's rats.  On her other shoulder you can just see the tail of the last rat under her hair.  On her lap is the cat and the rabbit.  In addition to those, remember we have two dogs and another smaller aquarium.

And don't forget to keep guessing about what Tori and I are up to while the rest of the family are canoe camping in the cold and wet.

Hint: I just did one with Caitlin too.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Been Busy

But nothing really worth blogging about.  Until now.
My house is like Grand Central Station some weeks.
Cousin D came to hang out with Connor last weekend and spent Friday and Saturday nights.  They had a quick paddle on frigid Georgian Bay.  D lay spreadeagled against the side of my sunwarmed truck afterwards to warm himself up.  I wish I had brought my camera.  Lady in adjoining car glared at him.
Monday evening we picked Tori up at the airport and two of her friends spent the night.
Wednesday night my sister and her youngest spent the night so they could be closer to a dance competition today.  As my 3 and one of Connor's friends wandered in and out from various activities I asked her if she wished she had more than 2 kids.  She said no.  She likes it quiet.
Cousin D just arrived for another night because tomorrow Kevin, Caitlin, Connor and D are going canoe camping.
That leaves Tori and I.  Guess what we are doing?