Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wooden Christmas Gifts

I got these neat Christmas gifts that I wanted everyone to see. One of them came in my stocking and I knew right away what it was. The other two came together in a gift bag and had me and the rest of the room (except for the giver) absolutely stumped. They are not sex toys. A musical instrument? No. The egg is flat on the side it is resting on - Was it part of an antique mortar and pestle? No. I was given the hint it was something I had talked to my dad about last year and that didn't help at all. Any brave souls out there want to guess? I will tell you in a day or two and end the suspense.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Lights

We just returned from walking our dogs. It struck me again how dark our streets are. Each year there are less and less Christmas lights displayed. Our town even has a decorating contest. Usually there are 8 - 10 homes entered and we drive around and enjoy them while voting for the winner. This year only 4 homes were nominated. In our neighbourhood less than half of the houses have lights. There are stretches where 10 houses (on both sides) will be undecorated. I find this very depressing. At a time when we don't have enough sunlight, the Christmas lights are so welcome. A few days ago one of Connor's friends commented his favorite season is winter because he loves the lights. This child does not celebrate Christmas - yet even he realized it was important. At the same time as Christmas lights have decreased, Hallowe'en decorations have increased dramatically. I would love to know if this is the case everywhere or just in our town. I do not have the time to drive around and check out the whole country though. Has anyone else noticed this trend?
I love reading everyone else's blog and have said for a while that I was going to get my own. Here it is Christmas day and my husband says sit down at the computer - open internet explorer and type Angel Laura.... He set up a blog for me! I really have very little to say most of the time so you will all be pretty bored. For anyone who is wondering, the Angel part has nothing to do with my sweet disposition. It comes from my job. Most of the year I work for Gardening Angels, doing maintenance, planning and planting. I got a digital camera recently for work but it will take me a long time to figure out how to download pictures so it will mostly be text!

There is a mountain of potatoes waiting to be peeled and the turkey is calling for basting so this is the end of my first blog. Merry Christmas to all.