Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catching up

It has been very busy around here. Since May 13th we have had overnight guests 6 times. One I didn't even know (friend of Kevin). Two have stayed only one night but the rest were 3 - 10 nights. As you know that means a lot of changes in routine, extra laundry and transportation arrangements. There have been 4 trips to the airport and one to a bus station. We have been to a wedding and a family reunion. Alec was the last one to head home this afternoon. While I miss having my kids around, I am looking forward to things settling back to normal - whatever that may be. At this time of year work is still crazy so I won't be resting.

I finally have a few minutes to share some pictures with you.

I like this picture of Caitlin and I taken at the wedding shower.

Me and my girls
All my kids

Guess How Many

I had my hair done up special for the wedding.

I slept on it Saturday night and kept it in all day Sunday. It lasted amazingly well - only one curl came out.

So my question to you - guess how many bobby pins it took to hold my hair up?

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Alec's best friend got married today. We were very excited that all the kids could be around for his big day. We took lots of pictures. This is one of the best of our family.

The wedding was at the groom's parent's property. We walked down a steep embankment, crossed this beautiful covered bridge and the ceremony was held streamside in a small clearing. It was a beautiful day and a very informal wedding.

Tomorrow we are having a family gathering so it will be one busy weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blast from the Past

One of my clients has a special treasure.

I knew Connor would enjoy seeing his treasure so I arranged a trip.

George bought this 1931 Model A Ford Coach in 1946 when he was 16 years old for $250. I find it amazing that he has owned a vehicle for 65 years! And I was surprised to find that it is all the original parts!

It is a little dusty but George has dialysis 3 times a week and is on oxygen so he doesn't have the energy to care for it like he used to. However the woodwork still gleamed.
Reminds me of a mini van.

The guys tried to crank the engine and are very glad we don't have to do that now. I am not sure who enjoyed the evening more us or George. He enjoyed showing us his baby and learning about our tandem bicycle that we rode over. And we learned a lot!