Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a day!

Kevin was picked up at 3 am by a shuttle service to take him to Toronto International Airport for a 7 am flight.  He is flying out to Edmonton then catching a bus to Jasper to spend a few days with Caitlin before they drive back here together.  We have loved the mountains since our first posting to Edmonton.  His text message when he arrived was simply "Arrived Jasper - WOW!"

Alec and I left the house at 7:45 because he had to be at the recruiters in Barrie at 8:30.  We found out Tuesday that the military has accepted his application.  His swearing in was today at 11:00.  Unfortunately, Kevin could not be there.  He had hoped to be the one to swear him in, but the flight was booked months ago and we only had 2 days notice for the swearing in.  We had a nice lunch with both grandmothers and Aunt Leanne who came up for the ceremony.  Our pastor also came but couldn't stay for lunch.  Then Alec and I spent the rest of the day shopping for stuff like good running shoes and shoe polish and picking up immunization records.  It was actually quite draining and he's not finished yet.  His course starts Monday in Borden so everything is very rushed!  The pictures are of Alec accepting his enrollment certificate.  He has his father's smile.

I am having problems uploading images.  I would love help from all you other bloggers.  If I type first all my words are blue and underlined.  If I add the image then type, the pictures aren't where I want them.  Help!  The rest of you look so professional!