Thursday, June 28, 2012


My house is empty.
Of other people anyway.
(There is still 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 rats and the inhabitants of 2 aquariums)
Everyone else left this afternoon to go to The Castle at White Otter Lake.  The more common version of why the hermit built a castle in the middle of nowhere is as a dowry for a wife.  Impressive structure no matter why he built it.  But I will content myself with pictures and the stories from my family - I am not really into portaging that much and someone has to watch the pets.
I have 10 days of solitude stretching in front of me.  I was looking forward to it but it has only been a few hours and it is very quiet.  I am going to try to keep busy by
- visiting my mom
- Cleaning out my truck (it is more than just a truck - it is my office too.  I used to clean it every week or two but I must confess it has been months)
- working
- catch up on my gardens (if I have the energy after doing my client's gardens and if the temperature is less than 30)
- having a friend over
- doing a puzzle and/or some sewing (it isn't often my table is cleared off!)
- walking and biking the dogs
- changing Connor's sheets (normally that wouldn't be worthy of itemizing but I expect it will take days.  I have to clean all the junk off one bunk then strip it and remake it.  Then put all the junk from the other bed onto the clean one and strip and make the 2nd bed.  Not to mention the tiptoeing between the treasures on his floor)
- catch up on my reading
- clean (hmm maybe I should do this before the friend comes over)
- blog?  Would anyone like before and after shots of my truck or Connor's room?

Friday, June 1, 2012

I totally forgot that the guys went canoeing and kayaking on the bay Saturday morning before the other guests arrived.  There were 5 that went but I only have pictures of two.  Kevin took the pictures and I guess Connor and David were so fast that no pics were taken.  Below is my brother in law Mike and Alec.  We were fortunate that Alec was on a course nearby and could make it for his grandfather's birthday celebration.  Alec didn't make it to the funeral so he hadn't seen most of the family for a while.

And a shot of just Alec.  He hates it when I post pictures of him but I just had to.  He is usually fairly somber.  He doesn't smile often and you can see his pearly whites in both shots so I couldn't resist.