Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Congratulations Tori!

She has become the first University graduate in our family.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with minors in Geography and Political Science.
The convocation was several weeks ago but I am slow to update because May is extremely busy in the garden business and we have been running our revolving door bed and breakfast again.
It was a whirlwind trip.  2 days driving there.  2 days in Sackville, NB and Amherst, NS and 2 days driving back.

We took a drive to Cape Jourimain at the base of the Confederation Bridge and went for a little hike.
Me and my mom.  Kevin's mom came with us too but went to visit an aunt in a nursing home while we explored.
Us old folks also toured the Anne Murray Museum and all found it interesting.

The actual graduation.
With the proud grandmothers

With best University pal Caty.  (Caty spent the last two weeks here.  They drove down to Pennsylvania on Friday and competed in Tough Mudder.  Now Caty has gone home.  But the girls will reconnect soon as they are heading off to Europe together in 5 weeks.)
The street was closed so the dignitaries and graduates could parade into the hall.  It was a very windy day.  They looked like they were being pummelled by a Dyson dryer.
Tori received her diploma from the University's chancellor, Peter Mansbridge.  Deepa Mehta was also there receiving an honorary degree and they both gave inspiring speeches.  This was the 150th convocation at Mount Allison.  Over 500 graduated.

Did I mention it was windy?
This was the view from our hotel.  The turbines are not in the pictures on the hotel's website.  They have been installed within the last year.  Tori says it is always windy here so I guess that is a great place to put them.