Sunday, March 28, 2010


We had a crazy, busy, great week with Caitlin.  We had hoped to go canoeing while she was home but the days we were free were too cold and windy.  So we decided to go geocaching instead.  We haven't been in years and Caitlin has never been.  Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt using handheld GPS units.  The "treasures" are usually tupperware containers filled with booty such as key chains, pens, traceable coins or bills, dinky cars etc.  You remove a piece of the treasure and leave one you have brought.  Then you sign the log and replace the treasure chest in it's hiding spot.  Most of the hunts we have done are through county forests or parks and some are quite rugged.  The first one yesterday was like that.  We were bushwacking for 10 minutes and going in circles.  We realized the map didn't match the GPS co-ordinates and we were right beside a construction site so we think that cache is gone.  We moved on.  The rest of our caches were very open.  The first was at this old pioneer cemetery.  

This cache is a micro or nano cache.  You can see how small it is in Caitlin's hand.  No treasure - just a piece of rolled up paper to sign. 

Our next cache was also in a cemetery.  Strange because we have never been to a cemetery to geo-cache before.  The cache was way over the hill hidden in the branches of a pear tree.   
Then we went to scenic Creemore, where we had hot drinks and home-baked goodies and found 3 caches.  Shown below is the historic jail and a picture of the 3 of us.  The picture was taken by Amanda who came along with us for the day.  Amanda has been part of our life since we moved here.   Connor and Amanda have almost always been in the same class.  I babysat Amanda and her brother for years, then Tori did.  One year Amanda's mom watched Connor.  Amanda is horse crazy too and loves hanging around Caitlin.  She gets most of Caitlin's horse hand-me-downs.


SusanE said...

sounds like fun. I've always wanted to do geocaching. I'll be down in July maybe we could all do it then>

Fiddling Granny said...

We put a geocache up in the Percy Lake area. We've had a few visitors. It was fun putting the container together and finding a hiding spot for it.