Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to Work

I started back to work today. I spent the whole day cutting down ornamental grass at condos. There were 9 of us and we are about half done. There is a lot of grass at this particular condo. All I want to go now is have a nice relaxing jacuzzi and soak those aching muscles. So this is a short blog and a warning to my fans that my blogs are going to decrease dramatically now.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More on Aprons

This is how they wear aprons in Cuba. Apparently us Canadians have the wrong idea. They are not for cooking - they are for dancing! Looks like a lot more fun doesn't it?

Friday, April 4, 2008


For those of you who are wondering - I am still alive!  Kevin and I just got back from our first ever tropical vacation.  We went to Cuba.  The resort was in a biosphere connected to the  mainland by a 45 km causeway.  There were 3 other resorts and a marina and we think a military outpost but that was probably all so it was very quiet.  The only people allowed on the causeway are employees and tourists.  Private Cuban vehicles are not allowed.  We didn't get in as much swimming as we had hoped because all the days we were there were windy and yellow or red flag days (indicating danger level).  Kevin snorkelled twice, myself only once.  It poured on and off the last 3 days still it was a wonderful time.  We took a tour to a historic town called Trinidad on the opposite coast.  The driving is an experience in itself.  Kevin says the national pastime is dodgebus.  The bus will be barrelling down the road at 90 km and suddenly a dog, goats, cows, people (walking or on bicycle or horse) will be on the road.  Transportation in Cuba is something else! The people are friendly, clean but so poor.  I would love to be able to blog lots of or pictures but we arrived home to discover we were one of the 400 or so houses flooded on Tuesday and our computer is not currently working.  We knew nothing about it until we landed as communication in Cuba is also quite different
 than here.  So I am using Caitlin's computer which I am not used to and I have no idea when I will be 
on again.  All of the carpet and laminate flooring in the basement, except for Tori's room, was torn out and there are 9 industrial fans/dehumidifiers running.  They also removed the bottom 2 feet of drywall around the basement.  Victoria handled everything very well.  Connor found the water when he came home from school.  One of his friends mom's came over for 5 hours and wet vacuumed the basement.  It took Tori 2 hours to make the 20 minute drive home from school.  Then she rounded up and rented dehumidifiers and dealt with our insurance agent and contractors until Kevin's brother arrived.  He told them they could wait until we got home so they did.  So that's it for now.