Friday, February 29, 2008

For Susan

Yesterday the grade 7s spent the day at a farm. They went snowshoeing, tobogganing and learned how to build snow shelters. All of those things he had done before, but they also went dog sledding. For most of them, including Connor, it was their first time and Susan asked that he blog about his experience. He took his camera but didn't take any pictures because they aren't supposed to take electronic devices on field trips.

I thought that the dog sledding was really fun, and I would love to go dog sledding again,if my family ever movesto the country or to a big property I would like to get a dog sled team. One of the teams was being really slow and the owner of the farm said I could take it back by myself and follow the snowmobile. The team took of really fast. Two of the dogs had really big poufy fur and their was one tiny that was smaller than our dog (a skinny 40 pounder).

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aprons 2

To meet the contest criteria of the aprons being modelled I am submitting another photo for the judge's consideration. They look much better on than lying on a table! This picture was last February so I hope there is no time limit involved. And Victoria helped cut and sew the aprons. I guess I will have to share all the glory with her.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is the apron that started it all - my Christmas apron. I bought it for a few dollars at a craft show many years ago. I like it because it covers more than the traditional around the waist apron and is very easy to put on.

One day I thought that the pattern looked simple enough to duplicate at home so I simply traced the apron onto some cheap broadcloth, added a few extra inches at the neck and hem and sides for the seam allowance, bought some bias tape and voila! - aprons for the girls. The horse one is Caitlin's naturally and the other old fashioned looking one is Tori's.

Last February we did a fundraising dinner to help finance Victoria's mission trip to Kenya. I wanted the "staff" (her friends) to look professional so I made them all aprons. The 2 guys got plain burgundy (sorry it is hard to make a masculine looking apron that doesn't say "Torch the Steak and Run"). I used the same material for all the girls aprons but varied the colour of the bias tape so the sets of sisters could tell theirs apart. They all got to keep their aprons as a thank you for helping. I kept the last one for me - pictured below since my previous everyday apron had worn out.

I don't really think you would need a pattern - try it on some newpaper or packing paper. Make sure the sides are symmetrical - some of mine aren't quite perfect. Vary the material and sizes depending on the person - they are cute for little girls too! I wonder how it would work done in light terrycloth? Right now I am working on a cross-stitch so I don't feel like experimenting with aprons. FG & CG let me know how yours work out. (If you want I could drop one of my samples of with the Gryper) Susan - maybe someday - don't hold your breath.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Victoria's Room

In the summer Victoria moved into what used to be Caitlin's room. I didn't really want to repaint as Victoria will be going to university in a year and I would rather repaint it a colour of my choice after she is gone. But after Tori took off the horse border the walls were just boring white and of course full of holes and cover with map tac so I eventually relented. Last week I painted it. A big change from white as you can see but I actually don't mind it. Bright orange walls, lime green curtains and comforter (the comforter came with a matching teddy that is sitting on the ledge). There is still an alcove (that doesn't show in the pictures) to be painted. I'm thinking turquoise or lime green for contrast. In for a penny, in for a pound!

This is her Gone With the Wind Shrine. She is very retro. But not very clean.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm so Excited!

Our honeymoon was car-tripping over southern Ontario. Over the years, we have had holidays all over Canada and 4 or 5 of the northern states. We have always driven to our destination and camped. Lately we have done more canoe tripping and camping. I have enjoyed our trips and learned a lot about Canada but have felt for a long time that I wanted more - an exotic locale and a flight instead of a drive. Because Kevin is a pilot, he doesn't get excited about the prospect of flight and because he travels more than I, a hotel is not exciting either. But for Valentine's Day, he gave me a note proposing a trip for our 25th anniversary. He had been consulting with a very good friend who is a travel agent and had a few places in mind. I must admit it was one of the few times I made a snap decision - without worrying about money or childcare. Of course I said yes! So the trip is booked for the end of March and I'm so excited! The exact destination is going to be a surprise but I know it is a secluded spot with bungalows on the Caribbean. A vacation where someone else does all the cleaning and cooking - and makes the bed! He printed me off some information today and substituted graphics for any identifying facts. Now all I have to do is shop! New bathing suit, sandals, sunscreen... And worry about the kids!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today we woke up to find it was a snow day and everything was closed - schools and day cares included. I don't remember them doing that here before. It didn't look bad from the window. Everything was picture perfect - especially the trees. When I stepped out the front door I discovered the snow was over my knees. I shovelled for 1 1/2 hours, Kevin shovelled for about 2 hours and the youngest two kids eventually got out of bed and shovelled for an hour. A nice neighbour with a snow blower finished the bottom after the plow came.

It would appear that a few of our neighbours tried to drive out of their garages without listening to the radio. They got stuck. Couldn't go back into the garage without shovelling. Definitely couldn't go back any further.

When the kids were done shovelling they stayed outside and played for a while. First they jumped from my truck into the snowbank. Connor is the black head you can see at the base of the tree.
Victoria executing a snow cannonball. Sort of.
Then they came in and got dry clothes on. Then on to the back yard to jump from the deck into the snow below. Sorry no picture of that. They had a great time. It turned out to be a beautiful day - bright and clear.

I noticed that the snowplow had gone by one of the neighbouring courts and left a chest high wall of snow blocking the whole entrance. I got my camera and went back to get a shot. Some idiot in a little Honda had decided he could drive through it. Guess what - he didn't make it. There were 4 other people digging him out. I decided not to take a picture of that though it was very tempting to send it to the local paper. At 5 pm the radio announced there were still areas of the town waiting to be plowed! It wasn't really a lot of snow but it fell quickly - all between 11 pm and 6 am. Normally that much is spread out over a longer period of time.


This is our cat - Easter. She is evil. We only handle her if we have gloves (think rose gloves or fireplace, not latex) and there is more than one of us. That way we hope that at least one of us will be left alive to explain to the authorities what happened at the crime scene. That green glow in her eyes - think Alien.
These are the dogs (sorry not a great shot). They know better than to try and get her off of their bed.