Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Break

Didn't go as planned. We were supposed to spend a few days at my sister's in New York but Connor was sick and I thought it was mono and she didn't want us to pass it on. Late Monday we learned it was strep throat but it was too late to change our plans. So Connor had a few sleepovers and Kevin and Connor and a friend made a quinzhee. They didn't get to sleep in it because the weather was much warmer than expected the next day so it was no longer safe. We went for a short snowshoe. Tori worked some extra shifts and had a sleepover. Wednesday night Connor and a friend went to the Y. Some other kids (that they didn't know) started throwing balls at them, then stole Connor's hockey stick. Connor tried to get it back, tried to pry the other kid's fingers off then punched him so the other kid put the hockey stick to Connor's throat and threw him against the window. Connor must have blacked out because when he came too his other friend was lying on the ground beside him and he had no idea how he got there. I arrived to pick them up 2 minutes later and they were completing the official report. This was only the 2nd time I had left him alone at the Y. I spent much of the next 18 hours talking to Telehealth, the YMCA, the police and spent 5 hours sitting at the hospital. The "agressor" is most likely under 14 and can't be charged. I think it is just a case of boys being boys but due to the seriousness of the injury the police want to talk to everyone. Yesterday we went to LeBaron (for Kevin), visited Caitlin at the stable, visited Kevin's dad in the nursing home and took the kids 10 pin bowling for their first time. We had a horrible time finding balls that fit any of our hands. And we learned Tori can't bowl. Who knows what the next two days will bring.