Monday, February 1, 2010

Room with a View?

As most people know my husband is in Vancouver for 6 weeks assisting with security for the Olympics.  Whenever we go away (which isn't very often) I get excited because we can stay in a hotel.  He doesn't share my excitement because he gets to fly and stay in hotels lots.  This time he isn't staying in a hotel.  Can you guess where he is sleeping?

 Because there is a shortage of accommodations some of the personnel are being put up in 3 cruise ships. I thought this time he'd be more excited as we have never been on a cruise.  He wasn't.  Transportation is a hassle and very time consuming.  The hours are long and access to internet and phones difficult.  The rooms are smaller than a hotel room and these guys travel with lots and lots of gear.  You can push the beds together to make a queen but that gives you even less floor space so some of the guys just use one bed for sleeping and one for storage.  But look at the view!  Doesn't that make up for the other problems?

That lovely wall was his view for the first two weeks.  Yesterday they took a little trip to a new berth.  Now he gets to see this: 

Now he's excited.  Right, honey?


Cherylinn said...

That's one spectacular view....LOL

I thought with the first picture it was an RV.

Can you go and spend a few days with him on the cruise ship? Then you can say you were together on it.

Lauras Garden said...

No. The security is very tight.

SusanE said...

Wow, what a special way to spend a few weeks or months.

The room is nice enough though.

Lucky Kevin.

Fiddling Granny said...

Cool! He must be pleased to have the chance to be there.