Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend was Snowman Mania.  My parents came up.  We checked in on the  ice sculpture a few times.  

The highlight for us was the Lumberjack show.  The Canadian team was all dressed in red union suits.  The Americans wore plaid.   You wouldn't get me trying this.  I like my feet where they are - attached. 


Here the Canadians are blowing on a fire.  They have to get a can full of water to boil before the Americans reach 150 points on the target behind.  There is a video of another event but it wouldn't load here so I'll try to add it separately.


There were many other events - chili tasting, hot air balloon rides, skating, tobogganing, but most of it was oriented to young families.  I got a nice picture of my parents.


We went to a Valentine's dinner and movie at our church Saturday night and spend a lot of time working on another puzzle.  I thought this one would be fairly easy because of the birch frames but it wasn't  There were loons in 3 frames, wolves and eagles and deer in two.  



SusanE said...

That is a really nice photo of your parents.

Wouldn't balloon rides be chilly this time of year?

Lauras Garden said...

The balloon was tethered so it only went up a few hundred feet. It was a beautiful weekend here so not as chilly as it could have been.

Cherylinn said...

Was this in Wasaga or Barrie? I love watching the lumberjacks.

I agree with Susan that is a really nice pic of your parents.

Lauras Garden said...

It was in WB this weekend but the announcer said they were in Barrie last weekend.

Fiddling Granny said...

Looks like a great weekend!