Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm so Excited!

Our honeymoon was car-tripping over southern Ontario. Over the years, we have had holidays all over Canada and 4 or 5 of the northern states. We have always driven to our destination and camped. Lately we have done more canoe tripping and camping. I have enjoyed our trips and learned a lot about Canada but have felt for a long time that I wanted more - an exotic locale and a flight instead of a drive. Because Kevin is a pilot, he doesn't get excited about the prospect of flight and because he travels more than I, a hotel is not exciting either. But for Valentine's Day, he gave me a note proposing a trip for our 25th anniversary. He had been consulting with a very good friend who is a travel agent and had a few places in mind. I must admit it was one of the few times I made a snap decision - without worrying about money or childcare. Of course I said yes! So the trip is booked for the end of March and I'm so excited! The exact destination is going to be a surprise but I know it is a secluded spot with bungalows on the Caribbean. A vacation where someone else does all the cleaning and cooking - and makes the bed! He printed me off some information today and substituted graphics for any identifying facts. Now all I have to do is shop! New bathing suit, sandals, sunscreen... And worry about the kids!


SusanE said...

That IS exciting. You must be thrilled. I know how much you've wanted to do something like this.

Way to go Kevin, good choice for an anniversary gift.

Fiddling Granny said...

That's very cool ... for him to have planned the whole thing and everything being a big surprise is awesome.

Cherylinn said...

That is so cool....You must be so excited.