Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last Full Day in San Antonio

We spent some time at the pool again.  We have had the pool virtually to ourselves every time but today.  It was great.  This picture is for my hubby - to prove I used the new prescription goggles he bought me.
These tracks were in the sand at the beach at rattlesnake river.  Does anyone know what they are or do I have to wait until I get back and can look it up in my book?

Mom and Leanne spent the afternoon shopping while Lynda and I did the rattlesnake river, walked on the nature trail and played shuffleboard.

When they returned we ate whatever we could find in the fridge - leftover teriyaki chicken with blue cheese dressing anyone?  Then we went to the firepits for our own private fire.


Gryper said...

They look like raccoon tracks. Have a good trip back home.

Laura said...

I want it to be something more exotic - like opossum or armadillo