Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas tree hunt

They don't hunt for trees in Germany.  Julia says they use mostly potted trees that they then plant outside.  We decided that a tree hunt was something she had to do while she was here.  The weather didn't co-operate and provide snow for snowball fights or sledding but it worked out that Caitlin had the morning off and Alec was home for the week so we went anywhere.

Here Julia cut down her very first Xmas tree.

I removed the little pesky branches at the bottom.  I consider this my best side.  My hair is neatly braided and you can see my hand knit mitts but not the aging face.
Julia was most impressed with Alec carrying the tree.  It was a very small tree.  But it fits perfectly in the corner where I wanted it.
The farm we went to is down a number of tiny roads, each progressively smaller, more hilly and then dirt.  But the service is amazing.  Here we are with Laura (who owns the farm) and her dog Spruce.  Laura is very outgoing, likely ADHD and had sparkly makeup.  In this picture she looks like a mannequin but she doesn't often stop moving (or talking).  We were the only ones there so she spent the whole time providing commentary and details.  Unfortunately she lost 2000 seedlings this year because it was so hot and dry.  It is a small farm and that really cuts into the harvest for the coming years.

I look like a real hick.  I expected it to me muddier.  And if I worked in a barn that would be my barn coat.  But I love it.  Warm, co-ordinates with everything but alas really starting to show its age.
Here we are with our tree.  Make sure you look at Kevin's shirt.  His favourite Christmas movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and I was thrilled to find this shirt in San Antonio.
The tree was put up and decorated quickly then Julia and I spent the afternoon baking.  It is so nice to have someone in the house who loves to cook.  Julia wants to experience "Canadian" food so we have made apple pie and Nanaimo bars and my grandmother's shortbread.  We are having tortiere Christmas Eve.  Other than poutine what would you consider Canadian food?

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Cherylinn said...

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is the BEST! For many years we bought a potted tree and then in the spring we planted it. This year, we just small 5" tree and I loved it.

Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas and let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!