Friday, December 7, 2012

Goodbye San Antonio

After a week in San Antonio I have these observations to make.

Don't mess with Texas is so wrong.  Everyone we met was friendly and courteous.  Everyone called us ma'am. We felt so welcome.

We had great weather - about 10 degrees warmer than normal seasonal temperatures.

The roads in San Antonio are poorly designed ad the signs are even worse.  There were many areas
that our GPS didn't work so we usually had a map and printed instructions in addition to the GPS. We never really got lost but sometimes we went in circles or zigzags or stars.  If you understood that - you have been to San Antonio.

We went to the oldest bakery in Texas (Naegelin's bakery in New Braunfels) and the worst bbq in Texas (Rudy's).  We saw the most famous bar (Coyote Ugly). 

The pride that American's have in their military (and their sports teams) is evident on bumper stickers, articles of clothing and just about everything else.  They don't value their seniors as much.  Mom was only eligible for senior's discount at 3 places.

San Antonio needs to start recycling.  Our resort didn't recycle.  None of the attractions we went to recycled.  We did finally find a few half garbage/half recycling bins in the downtown.

I really, really miss Tim Horton's coffee.  Starbucks sucks.

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