Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cornwall, ON to Woodstock, NB

We have driven this highway many times because we lived near Fredericton. However, most of our trips were high speed, single day drives.  We would get up at 4, get the kids in the car and drive 16 hours to our hometown, stopping only for gas, meals and bathroom breaks.  We rarely stopped and did touristy things.  Today we detoured to Grand Falls.  It is the biggest waterfalls east of Niagara Falls.  The water certainly did rage and roll but it is not much of a drop.

Next we took a side trip to Perth/Andover.  Much of the low lying parts of the town flooded a month ago.  We didn't see much damage to homes and businesses, just occasional piles of debris, but look at what the ice jam did to the guard rails!

You may remember that I have mixed feelings about GPSs.  They are occasionally very useful but definitely don't replace a map and a sense of direction.  Below you can see that I am capable of driving on water.  I am thinking of giving classes and teaching this useful skill to others.

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