Thursday, April 26, 2012

Been Busy

But nothing really worth blogging about.  Until now.
My house is like Grand Central Station some weeks.
Cousin D came to hang out with Connor last weekend and spent Friday and Saturday nights.  They had a quick paddle on frigid Georgian Bay.  D lay spreadeagled against the side of my sunwarmed truck afterwards to warm himself up.  I wish I had brought my camera.  Lady in adjoining car glared at him.
Monday evening we picked Tori up at the airport and two of her friends spent the night.
Wednesday night my sister and her youngest spent the night so they could be closer to a dance competition today.  As my 3 and one of Connor's friends wandered in and out from various activities I asked her if she wished she had more than 2 kids.  She said no.  She likes it quiet.
Cousin D just arrived for another night because tomorrow Kevin, Caitlin, Connor and D are going canoe camping.
That leaves Tori and I.  Guess what we are doing?


Cherylinn said...

I bet a nice quiet weekend. Enjoy it.

Laura said...

Nope. Any more guesses.