Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Day 1 - 575 km.  We stopped early so we didn't have to go through Montreal at rush hour or in the dark.
Day 2 - 832 km.  An enjoyable day with a few scenic detours.
Day 3 - 327 km.  The picture below is a New Brunswick highway at rush hour.

Trip total - 1734 km.

Tori lives off residence in an older house with 3 others.  Two friends are in the middle of moving into the basement.  And all the students in town are moving out because they are leaving for the summer, finished school for good or moving onto new digs.  The streets are lined with garbage (treasure as Tori terms it).  They have scored 5 or 6 tvs, a foosball table, a mattress and miscellaneous little items.  Their quest for a working bbq was not productive.  Their living room is packed with belongings from a friend moving across the road today.  It was a little too crowded for my comfort.  And people wandering out all the time.  I am glad to be home and glad she is enjoying herself.

Below a picture of Tori and Bonnie Blue.  She has always called the vehicle that.  I hope they have many safe adventures together.

In less than 2 weeks I have had 5 houseguests on 4 different occasions.  I am so tired of making beds.  I have driven a lot more than normal - twice to the airport and to the east coast.  When I wake up in the morning my first thoughts are more jumbled than normal.  Usually it starts with "Who slept over last night? Do I need to put on my housecoat before leaving the bedroom?  Do I need to make breakfast for a crowd?"  Then it progresses to "Am I in my own bed or at a hotel?"  I am hoping for a "normal" week at work and home.  Because next weekend both of our mothers are coming!


Cherylinn said...

What's normal?

Anonymous said...

Normal is a setting on a washing machine.


Tori said...

The TVs weren't from dumpster diving...We've always had a lot...It comes with having boy housemates