Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duluth, Minnesota to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

We don't own a GPS. Occasionally we debate the need for one. I borrowed my Dad's for this trip. We had a trip tik and maps but I thought the GPS might help if we were wandering in circles in a strange city after detouring for gas or a meal. It did help us find somewhere to get an oil change, but usually it would give us directions we knew were contrary to our destination. This morning we got directions to get back on the highway from the hotel staff. When that got us lost we turned on the GPS which was no help either. It wanted us to go north to Thunder Bay and all the way around Lake Superior so we turned it off and finally got on the right road 45 minutes later. We occasionally turned the device back on just to check on it and sure enough 6 hours later it clued in and gave us correct directions. Mostly I find the advice received from the GPS to be "Whenever possible, make a legal U-turn" or "turn left, turn left, turn left" which both send me back from whence I have come. What about you? Do you have a GPS? Do you love it?

Anyway, not many pictures today. Because the drive pretty much looked like this

Occasionally a train would break the monotony.Or a view of a lake
Or a deserted building.

We made it the Soo at dinner time, ate and had a swim and we will be home tomorrow. It will be a long drive since our audiotape is finished. If Caitlin is driving I let her listen to country. And she does most of the driving. Like I said, it will be a long day.

Travel joke of the day
A minister was preaching and asked, "Who wants to go to heaven?"
Everyone shot their hands into the air except for one small boy.
"Don't you want to go to heaven when you die?" he asked the youngster.
"Oh yes sir ... when I die. But I thought yu were getting a group up to go now."


Starfall Darling said...

Our GPS usually does pretty well by us, but we have to make sure all our options are checked correctly. Occasionally "Avoid paved roads" will become checked off, and Steve (as we've named him) will send us off into the boonies. Steve also doesn't do well in cities; he was fine on our New York trip, right until we went through the Lincoln Tunnel, and then he started glitching out because the streets were too close together!

Laura said...

"Our" GPS is a girl. She does not have a name because we are not fond enough of her to give her one. My sister's GPS takes her all around Toronto without a problem but she gets lost whenever she comes to visit us.