Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Trip to Sackville

The long drive to Sackville to take Tori to Mount Allison University was uneventful.

Very uneventful.
Maybe even boring. 
Yup, most definitely boring.
The highlight was another visit with our good friends the Sylvester's in Kingston. Laurie fed us lunch (again). Thanks Laurie.

Kevin's shirt says "PADDLE FASTER - I hear banjo music". Just in case you cared.


Country Girl said...

Does dad have his arm around Connor?

Lauras Garden said...


SusanE said...

I want the shirt.

Lauras Garden said...

Way, way too big for you.

Anonymous said...

Country girl - yes.
A. It was to keep him from edging out of the photo.
B. We are paddling buddies.

SusanE - that shirt is my most favourite. A very special gift. If you come paddling with me I will let you wear it for a while. I have a couple of others with kool sayings on them. I will wear one of them while we paddle.


Fiddling Granny said...

Looks like you guys don't know how to play the licence plate game .. or sing songs like Waltzing Matilda. LOL