Saturday, August 8, 2009

Supper in the Tub

Sort of like breakfast in bed but with less clothes and at the opposite end of the day.  This is how it came about.  Last night we went to the drive in.  Kevin loves the drive in and measures the success of the summer by how often he gets to go (and how much he gets to canoe and swim).   I am not a late night person so I rarely go.  My inner alarm clock is set for 5:30ish so staying up until 2 makes me grumpy.  Because we got home late last night and got a late start on yard work today we were still mulching at 4:30.  Connor got called in to work so Kevin offered to pick up Swiss Chalet (my favourite!) when he dropped him off.  We had no other plans and the girls were at work (Tori and our niece Hailey who is staying with us and working here for the summer)  so I said sure.  I was sweaty and tired after a day of gardening and really felt like a bath.  I had barely got in the tub and Kevin returned with supper.  He had ordered online for the first time and it was being packaged when he arrived 5 minutes later.  Wow!  I didn't feel like getting out so I dined in the jacuzzi.  It was great!  No pictures.  


SusanE said...

That's a wonderfully sweet story. You both did something nice for the other and you both were rewarded.

I assume that the jacuzzi is not an outside hot tub.

Fiddling Granny said...

Now that's luxury!!

Cherylinn said...

Wow, dinner in the tub....I might try it one day. Problem is as soon as I run a bath then I think of something else to do and drain the tub off I go. Then jump in the shower later and think I sure would like a bath.