Monday, March 16, 2009

First Day of March Break

Today the boys and I went to Barrie to see snakes.  They were an educational display put on by Sciensational Sssnakes!!

Connor is holding a black Eastern Rat Snake.  It is native to Ontario and is considered threatened.

This is Alec showing his happy face and holding an Everglades Rat Snake.  He is home for March Break.  (Alec - not the snake)

Before we left I bought a rebounder.  I went to a seminar about rebounding months ago and found one today (I wasn't looking).  It is really good exercise, way quieter and cheaper than other in home exercise equipment and excellent for your lymphatic system.  No pictures until I lose weight.


SusanE said...

The snakes sure do look happy. lol

I love the feel of snakes. They are really cool.

Cherylinn said...


Fiddling Granny said...

What is a rebounder? One of those mini trampolines?

Lauras Garden said...

Yes, it looks like a mini-trampoline but is so much more. Mine is an Urban Rebounder and comes with many different videos. Connor and I have used it several times. It is a really good workout. The store where I got it also sold Sham-Wows! They are everywhere now.