Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prom Night

After weeks of changed plans, arguing about whether or not she could borrow my truck, where she was allowed to go and with whom and what time she had to be home prom night is finally here! After appointments for her nails, hair and make-up here is our little princess Victoria.

Not quite so regal in this picture!

She asked us to the park to take pictures of her and her friends and it was interesting to see the attire. Formal gowns with flip-flops and suits with t-shirts and running shoes. I can barely remember our prom. I remember what I wore (because I have a picture) and that we went to Casa Loma but nothing else. It is so funny to look back and see the things you put so much emphasis on in high school and how trivial they seem now. Oh well. Here's to happy memories anyway!


SusanE said...

nice dresses. Did they have a good time?

Lauras Garden said...

The dresses were actually easy to find. I took both girls shopping for shoes - that was way harder! They actually got bored and left early! She was home an hour earlier than her curfew!

Fiddling Granny said...

Holy mackeral ... you're kids are getting all growed up too?

Aren't you proud?

Cherylinn said...

They both look stunning...the time sure does fly.