Saturday, July 31, 2010


We have lived here almost 10 years and have never been to the world-famous Collingwood Elvis Festival. Mostly because we don't like crowds. This year I decided it was time to experience it so Kevin and I went for a few hours. It was just as much fun watching the Elvis fans dancing and wearing sunglasses with fake sideburns as it was listening to the impersonators. I would go again but maybe go to some of the paid events (and plan better so we can see who we want to).

Anywhere there were tribute artists wandering, fans were trying to get photographed with them. Little kids, whole families and lots of ladies waiting impatiently for their turn with the King. I have no idea what the "hair" of the impersonator on the right is made of.

This artist was quite interesting. He would strike a pose and freeze while people took his picture.

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Fiddling Granny said...

The hair on the first one is almost like the bearskin hats at Buckingham Palace! LOL