Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coast to Coast

Victoria has been in New Brunswick for several weeks, attending Mount Allison University.

Caitlin has just left Jasper on her way to her new position as an au pair in North Vancouver.  So tomorrow I will have children living on opposite coasts!

In the middle are us and Alec.  Alec will also be travelling tomorrow as he goes from Base Borden back to Kingston where he will start a course soon.  

Connor also does a lot of travelling ... on his bike.  And I am pleased to report he bought shin pads - no more owies.


Cherylinn said...

Glad Connor bought himself shin pads. It must be strange for him to alone, no siblings at home.

Lauras Garden said...

I don't think he minds. And I probably should have said no more owies on his legs. There are still lots of other body parts to work on. He is saving for a full face helmet so he doesn't break his nose or jaw.

SusanE said...

Wow! Travel is going to be interesting for you and your family.

Fiddling Granny said...

What is an "au pair"?

Weird when they start leaving the nest, eh?

Lauras Garden said...

A live-in nanny/mother's helper. It is French for something but I don't feel like looking it up.