Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Lovely Pair

I realize this isn't exciting to most of you but try looking at it from my point of view.  Our washer broke the first week of January and I spent the next 5 months taking our clothes to the laundromat and bringing them home wet to dry in our own dryer.  After I went back to work, I couldn't do that any more.  Three of us work outside in the summer and the "boys" produce a lot of laundry with their canoeing, biking and playing.  So we invested in a washer.  For 5 glorious weeks I had both then the dryer died too.  So for a few days we hung underwear on doorknobs and everything else on awning supports or chairs .  Then it rained and rained and nothing dried so we bought a dryer.  I always wanted the matching dryer but didn't want to spend so much so soon.  Because it is a gas dryer it was a special order.  Then we had to wait for the gas fitter.  Nothing ever goes smoothly at our place.  But I now have a working washer and dryer.  Since we have only had both appliances working 5 of the 22 weeks this year it sure is exciting to me!

A word of caution to anyone who may be looking at new appliances soon.  Make sure you read the owner's manual!  I usually do and I did read the manual for the washer.  The first night the dryer was running I threw in a load and went to bed.  I could still hear it at midnight - over an hour and a half later!  It would stop and start and make noises and I couldn't sleep so I finally got up and shut it off.  The next morning I read the manual.  The dryer has a wrinkle prevent option that keeps it cycling with room temperature air for 95 minutes after it is done drying.  That function is now turned off. I can handle wrinkles but not sleepless nights.


SusanE said...

They're a couple of beauties.

Fiddling Granny said...

You have way more patience than I do. I'd have been out the door shopping before having seen a laundromat.

Cherylinn said...
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Cherylinn said...

That was me that deleted the comment. I started to read it after I posted and I had too many mistakes:

I'm with FG, I would have been shopping the same day for a new one. You are very patient.

That is an nice set.