Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skiing with the Grade 8's

We all know that downhill skiing often results in broken bones and concussions but almost every time I go cross-country skiing with Connor's class someone gets hurt (or lost).  Kids get poked with ski poles constantly.  Last year the boy with diabetes had his blood sugar drop below 1 and Connor was involved in the rescue.  This time it was Connor's turn to get hurt.  He was at the furthest point on the trail (that is usually where all the accidents happen).  Skiing down a hill something flew into his right eye and he had to ski all the way back to the lodge - about 5 km.  I just happened to be heading out again and met him returning.  His eye was bright red and painful.  I brought him home so I could rinse his eye out but the pain was still a 6 or 7 out of 10 and the water stung.  So off we went to the hospital.  There was a microscopic piece of something stuck to his upper eye lid and the stain they use showed fan shaped scratches to his cornea.  As soon as the speck was out the pain diminished and he can return to school tomorrow.  His regular eye exam is two weeks away so we will get it checked again then.  Kevin and I leave tomorrow morning for a "weekend" away - I hope he doesn't have any more trouble!


SusanE said...

Glad his eye is okay.

Have a great weekend away. Are the kids taking care of the house? and each other? They're going to have a blast. Good memories for them.

Haven't been able to open the cat videos yet. My adobe is wonky.

(The knitted dress for Ireland has no seams in it. It's made on combination of needles, picking up stitches to shape. Very interesting and easier than it sounds.

Lauras Garden said...

Every time we go away there is a problem so it is scary that we are leaving - even for just a few days

Cherylinn said...

Wow, I can't even imagine the pain he was in....

Have yourself a GREAT weekend.

Fiddling Granny said...

Is his eye still sore or is it letting up?

Have a great weekend.