Thursday, December 11, 2008

A big day for Caitlin and an even bigger day for Alec

Today was another busy day for our household.  Not only was it Caitlin and Alec's 22nd birthday it was Alec's graduation from Basic Training.  So I thought it was appropriate to  get a picture of them together. 

Man do I feel old today!  Could be that I am just really tired after a week of nursing Connor?  Yes, let's just say that is it and not the advancing years.  Connor did make it but it took a lot out of him.  He is still sleeping.


SusanE said...

Funny how I'd forgotten when they were too little kids with tons of energy. Look at them now.

You must be very proud.

I hope Connor starts to feel better soon.

Fiddling Granny said...

Jeez your girls don't look much like you do they?!?!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I just received your Christmas letter-I look forward to reading about your family every year!! Thank you for including your blog address-now I can catch up more often!! You and Kevin must be SOOO proud of your "children"-they have grown up so beautifully!! Congratulations to Alec!!