Monday, May 19, 2008

Long overdue update

Wow - It's been over a month since I blogged. I knew I would be very busy at work getting everyone's gardens ready for the summer but I didn't expect to neglect my blog for this long! My client load has close to doubled and my team is not very experienced though they are enthusiastic and learning quickly. I have also been very busy trying to restore the house to it's previous glory while we continue to clean up from the flood. We know have a 20 foot steel storage unit in our driveway and most of the contents of the house are out there. The basement has been drywalled and mudded and sanded. I spent Thursday priming and all weekend painting. Connor's room is ready to be floored and the flooring is on order. The last coat will be on the computer room and bathroom walls today. That only leaves the family room to paint and decide on the flooring for the computer and family room. Something totally waterproof would be nice! I will try and blog the before, during and after pictures when it is done.

This has been the quietest long weekend we have had since we moved to Wasaga Beach. The cool rainy weather kept the partiers at home or at least indoors. We heard lots of firecrackers but not very many sirens.


SusanE said...

isn't the insurance company hiring someone to do the job for you?

Fiddling Granny said...

Okay, so you've got a bit of work today ... you blog should still be top priority! The tough gets going and you abandon your blogfamily - nice! LOL

Really - you have your hands full!!

Lauras Garden said...

Hey FG that's funny. I asked Connor to download Billy Ocean's song today! I notice you are not blogging with any regularity lately either.

There were so many flooded houses here that all the good contractors were taken by the time we returned. So we are self-contracting. Our regular handyman did the drywall because neither of us like doing it but now he is busy with roofs. I painted the house the first time and figured I could do it again. And Kevin doesn't mind installing laminate but doesn't want to do resilient or ceramic so we will call in the pros for that (and installing the trim). In theory, we get paid the contractors rate for doing the work ourselves. We also get like $800 for paint. So far I have spent maybe $200 - $300 since we had leftover. I didn't need to buy any for the computer room or bathroom.

Fiddling Granny said...

LOL ... good one ... touché!

I can't imagine having to do all that! Respeck mon!

Cherylinn said...

It's about time you updated, and I'm glad you have such an impact on FG.

Lauras Garden said...

FG must be very easy to influence.