Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wooden Christmas Gifts

I got these neat Christmas gifts that I wanted everyone to see. One of them came in my stocking and I knew right away what it was. The other two came together in a gift bag and had me and the rest of the room (except for the giver) absolutely stumped. They are not sex toys. A musical instrument? No. The egg is flat on the side it is resting on - Was it part of an antique mortar and pestle? No. I was given the hint it was something I had talked to my dad about last year and that didn't help at all. Any brave souls out there want to guess? I will tell you in a day or two and end the suspense.

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Lauras Garden said...

The first two items are used for darning socks. When my parents moved last year I asked if I could have theirs. My dad said he still used it. The one they have I believe was my nana's and looks nothing like the ones I was given - hence my confusion. The item on the right (the one I knew what it was) is a sputle - a traditional scottish stirring stick dating to the 16th century.